03 abril 2012

a saber
The difference between gay and post-gay might best be epitomized by two of the five finalists for this year's Booker Prize, ''The Master,'' by Colm Toibin, and ''The Line of Beauty,'' by Alan Hollinghurst, which won. ''The Master'' is very much an old-fashioned gay novel, consisting, as a friend put it, of ''chapter after chapter in which Henry James doesn't know what we all already know he doesn't know.'' The hero of ''The Line of Beauty'' knows very well that he is gay, but the story focuses more on his experiences than on his struggles to define himself. To its credit, ''The Line of Beauty'' is about much more than being gay in London in the 1980's; it is about the world of that time, its political and moral geography, and therefore about history and what it means to be human, and to live in that world.

Parte de um artigo muito interessante para ler aqui.

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Curiosamente estou a ler "O Mestre".