27 fevereiro 2013

- james baldwin, conundrum (on my birthday) - (for rico)

Between holding on,
and letting go,
I wonder
how you know the difference

It must be something like
the difference
between heaven and hell
but how, in advance,
can you tell?

If letting go
is saying no,
then what is holding on
Can anyone be held?
Can I — ?
The impossible conundrum,
the closed circle,
does lightning strike this house
and not another
Or, is it true
that love is blind
until challenged by the drawbridge
of the mind?

But, saying that,
one’s forced to see one’s definitions
as unreal.
We do not know enough about the mind,
or how the conundrum of the imagination
dictates, discovers,
or can dismember what we feel,
or what we find.

one must learn to trust
one’s terror:
the holding on
the letting go
is error:
the lightning has no choice,
the whirlwind has one voice.

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